Intellectual Property Primer for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

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Kent and I had a great conversation (Podcast #113) with Cliff Hyra, an intellectual property attorney and founder of Hyra IP, PLC (

Cliff provided us with an Intellectual Property Primer for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses.

Intellectual property (IP) covers such things as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.  The management of IP is an important enough consideration for all companies that it should be part of a business’s strategic plan.

Cliff discusses the nature of each type of IP, how and why to protect it, whether or not business owners should take a DIY approach to IP, and common problems that occur for small to medium-sized businesses.

If you’re new to the concept of IP, this conversation is a terrific primer. If you’re already paying attention to IP, Cliff will make you even smarter about it.

It you’re wondering why we’re late in releasing this really informative podcast, mea culpa! I have to take full responsibility for the uncommon tardiness in its release. Sometimes life and work seriously gets in the way of best intentions. My apologies to our listeners and our guest. One thing’s for sure, though. It’s worth the wait!

Be sure to listen and let us know what you think.

Lorraine the”L” in KANDL

Podcast #112 – Understanding & Surviving the Current Economic Upheaval

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Kent and I are really excited about our newest conversation (Podcast #112) with Harry Rauner, CEO and President of both The Business Bank and Business Venture Capital, Inc. of Northern Virginia, USA ( Harry is one of those dream bankers who understands not only banking but also business – a rare combination!

We talked with Harry about Understanding & Surviving the Current Economic Upheaval. In addition to giving us heaps of information and suggestions for actions you can take to keep your company vibrant and thriving, he also gives us the background on the current economic situation and provides really useful tips about how to create and maintain a successful relationship with your banker. This is terrific information is useful, timely, insightful, and actionable!

If you want to learn more about surviving in uncertain times, then listen in to our conversation with Harry Rauner. If you find this podcast useful, please share it with your family, friends and colleagues. And … as always, we value your input.

Thanks for helping us illuminate pathways to your business success!
Lorraine the “L” in KANDL

Podcast #111 – What We’ve Learned So Far

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Hey KANDL Fans!

I know it has been a shockingly long time since we were in touch with you. Kent and I have both been on extensive travel, and our attention got diverted from KANDL for a wee while. We ask for your understanding.

Today we’re releasing Podcast #111 where you get to eavesdrop on Kent’s and my conversation about a number of the topics that have come up repeatedly in our conversations with our guests. We’ve been intrigued by what we’ve been learning and wanted to share our observations and thoughts with you.

The guest for our next podcast (#112) is Harry Rauner, CEO and President of The Business Bank in Northern Virginia, USA and Business Venture Capital Inc. We talk with Harry about “Understanding & Surviving the Current Economic Upheaval.” It was a great conversation filled with heaps of information and suggestions for actions you can take to keep your company vibrant and growing.

Given our respective schedules, and wanting to manage expectations, our podcast release frequency is moving to once a month (vs. twice a month) for the next few months. We have a number of podcasts “in the can” that are awaiting minor editing prior to posting on the site. As always, we’ll let you know when the next podcast gets released.

Thanks for listening!
Lorraine – the “L” in KANDL

Podcast #110 – Roundtable Discussion

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In this two part episode, KANDL thought it would be valuable to bring together some of our previous guests to have a topical roundtable discussion about the opportunities presented by the current economic conditions and the importance of resourcefulness and resilience in making it through to the other side.

We’re delighted to have with us Marilyn Finnemore and Aldo Bello of Mind & Media, who were the stars of Podcast #105, and Les Smolin, founder of the Executive Leadership Forum, our guest on podcast #108.

Marilyn and Aldo have a hugely successful media strategy, communications and production company working primarily with government clients, and Les is a seasoned business executive and consultant as well as a facilitator, coach and mentor to groups of CEOs.

Today, our conversation is going to focus on those opportunities – e.g., to make organizations leaner and more agile, to enter new markets with new products/services, to work closer with customers to help solve their problems, to work with suppliers in ways that serve both parties, and to form strategic partnerships for mutual benefit.  In short, we’re going to be talking about how to be resourceful and resilient, about how to run businesses better and smarter.

Making Changes to the KANDL Website and iTunes!

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I wanted everyone to know that KANDL is making upgrades to its website. We’ve been listening and have decided to add a few new features. The KANDLites section will be updates as well as a more advance Library and Bookstore. I am positive that everyone will enjoy the new areas.

Along with changes to the website, KANDL has moved podcast-hosting provider to Like everyone, Lorraine (the “L” in KANDL) and I are trying to maximize our money. provides better service and a more affordable pricing plan. Also, we want to make your listening more enjoyable and easier and will be adding embedded players into the site – we want you to access KANDL’s podcasts anywhere and anytime.

Over the next few weeks everyone might see some changes to the website, don’t panic! We are just improving things. If something doesn’t make sense, remember to shoot me an email at I will make the appropriate changes, especially if I miss something (trust me I often miss the simplest things).

Remember to check out our current interview with Kimberly Wilson – the Hip Tranquil Chick!

As always thanks for listening and we’re here to help you Illuminate Pathways to Business Success. 

Talk to you soon,

Kent – the “K” in KANDL

Striking a Balance

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Lorraine and I are thrilled about our new podcast! In Podcast #109, we interview Kimberly Wilson AKA the “Hip Tranquil Chick”. Kimberly spends time with KANDL to discuss the importance of Social Consciousness and Promoting Balance in business and in life. So, sit back, relax, and take a few deep breaths as we talk to Kimberly Wilson – the Hip Tranquil Chick.

Our next podcast #110 is a roundtable discussion with three very special guests regarding the current economy and how businesses can navigate through troubled times. So join us on April 6, 2009 as KANDL discusses Resilience and Resourcefulness in Difficult Times as we continue to Illuminate Pathways to Business Success.

As always, be sure to let us know how we’re doing and what changes and/or additions you’d like to hear in our podcasts. We have a long list of upcoming guests but are always open to your input, as well. Just go to our Contact Us page and e-mail us your thoughts.

Thanks for listening!

March Madness

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Kent and I are delighted to bring you Podcast #108, a conversation with Les Smolin on the topic of successful business growth.  Les is a seasoned business executive and consultant as well as a facilitator, coach and mentor to groups of CEOs.  He has over 30 years’ experience working with commercial, non-profit and government sector companies helping them to improve executive and staff effectiveness and enhance organizational performance.

With his years of experience, Les has a unique perspective on those elements, beyond just good basic business practices, that contribute to ongoing business success.  I have known Les for close to 15 years and always find his comments and observations insightful, useful and enlightening.  I’m certain you’ll be motivated by our conversation with him. 

Coming up on March 23rd, we’ll be talking with Kimberly Wilson, the “Hip Tranquil Chick,” about conscious business practices and the importance of balance in all that we do.  Kimberly is a hugely successful entrepreneur (Tranquil Space Yoga studios), author, speaker, blogger, etc.  We can’t wait to introduce her to you!

Be sure to let us know how we’re doing and what changes and/or additions you’d like to hear in our podcasts.  We have a long list of upcoming guests but are always open to your input, as well.  Just go to our Contact Us page and e-mail us your thoughts.

 Looking forward to hearing from you!

Changing Times

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Lorraine and I want to inform you of KANDL’s new podcast. In podcast #107, we interview David Tennant of Windward Consulting Group. Our discussion is on Change Management. The topic is informative and enlightening considering all the economic and business changes everyone seems to be facing in today’s unsteady business environment. Please listen and let us know what you think.

For those of you who have been following our podcasts, you’ll notice a small change in our interview with David Tennant and going forward. We’ve had several comments from listeners that they want to hear more from our guests.  So, instead of producing longer podcasts, Lorraine and I have decided to move our book reviews, quizzes and WTF moments out of our podcasts and into a separate section on our website, KANDLites, to be developed shortly. 

Finally, we have started a KANDL group on Facebook, if you are interested in joining send me a message at As always we would love to hear your feedback on any of our podcasts or articles and don’t forget to Join Us for exciting announcements, news, or upcoming KANDL events.

Thanks for Listening!

Kent – the K in KANDL

Lighting a KANDL

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For about a year, I have been developing a business podcast called KANDL. Standing for Kent AND Lorraine, yes a great play on words, the fundamental purpose for the podcast is to tell stories. One of my dreams, like many people, is to become a writer and since I was little, I wanted to tell stories. KANDL is that storyboard. Back in the early part of 2008, I was talking to a colleague – Lorraine (the ‘L’ in KANDL). Lorraine moved to New Zealand over 4 years ago and we have kept in touch through what I call the 21st century means of email and Skype.

During that time, my wife Kristen turned me on to a podcast. My first reaction is, “What the heck is a podcast?” Suddenly I being the techno-geek in the house learned something new. A podcast is a series of audio or video digital media files, which is distributed over the Internet by syndicated download, through Web feeds, to portable media players and personal computers. Kristen was listening to a podcast called the Hip Tranquil Chick, a podcast on a woman who weaves her practice of yoga and love of all things fabulous into a hip and tranquil lifestyle. (Quote from the Hip Tranquil Chicks’ website.) Needless to say I was intrigued and an idea was forming, why not develop a business podcast telling stories about business. Of course, I hinted at the idea to Lorraine and we started bouncing those same ideas around and low and behold – KANDL was born.

Over the next few months, I will document my journey into the podcast, social networking, and eye-opening misadventures of creating, starting, and developing a business podcast. I hope everyone enjoys the webisodic events of starting a new business venture from a simple idea. The story is interesting and I hope helpful as well as enlightening for those who continue to read this article.

You can also find this post at Kent’s business site – Management Outsourcing LLC.

Happy New Year

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Hello everyone! Lorraine and I want to wish you a very Happy and (hopefully) prosperous New Year. We’ve released podcast #105 on iTunes featuring the owners of Mind & Media – Marilyn Finnemore and Aldo Bello. Our topic is ‘The Power of Passion, Clarity, and Purpose’. I think it is one of our best discussions yet!

Lorraine and I have been working on some new ideas for the show. We will let you know what these are in the very near future. We just have to finalize them and with the time difference between the two of us, well, you realize the world isn’t as small as they say.

Remember to sign up – just select the Join Us area – we want to keep our listeners updated on what’s happening at KANDL!

Well that’s it for now, our wish is for a more stable 2009 and we look forward to hearing from you!