Steep Learning Curve

By · Monday, December 15th, 2008

Hello, everyone.  Lorraine here.  After a steep learning curve, we have finally gotten the bones of our website up and running and our first four podcasts available for download from iTunes (linked through our website).  Just go to our Podcast page to make your selection.

Kent and I have both been in the hot seat, interviewing each other (Podcasts #101 and #102).  It you’re new to our site, you might want to listen to these early on to get to know us better.

But more importantly, we’ve had the privilege of interviewing two great guests so far.  The first (Podcast #103) is Marta Vago, Ph.D., an exemplary advisor and business coach to entrepreneurs, executives, professionals, and business-owning families in the USA and abroad.  Marta is based in Santa Monica, California (USA).  She enlightened us with her wisdom about the keys to success for family businesses and business families – two very different things even though most people don’t distinguish between them.  She’s had years of experience working with family businesses on five continents and graciously shared with us knowledge she has gained from those experiences.  It’s a wonderful conversation and one we’re sure you’ll find valuable.

Our second guest (Podcast #104) is Yvonne McLaren, from Auckland, New Zealand.  While Yvonne has had a hugely interesting and varied professional career, she has spent the past eight years building Valentine Addis, a successful venture catalyst firm which assists what she calls “high niche” companies raise private equity capital and develop sound growth strategies.  She also provides venture management services for her client companies.  Yvonne’s professional talents lie in deal procurement, business modeling and sourcing high net worth and seasoned investors.  In 2009, Yvonne will be expanding her business into the UK.  Be sure to listen in to a fun and hugely informative interview.

We have heaps of other great guests lined up – from business owners, to bankers, to musicians, to founders of not-for-profit organizations.  Join our mailing list to get notified each time we release a new podcast.  We’d love to have you as a member of the KANDL community!

Happy listening!


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