Happy New Year

By · Monday, January 5th, 2009

Hello everyone! Lorraine and I want to wish you a very Happy and (hopefully) prosperous New Year. We’ve released podcast #105 on iTunes featuring the owners of Mind & Media – Marilyn Finnemore and Aldo Bello. Our topic is ‘The Power of Passion, Clarity, and Purpose’. I think it is one of our best discussions yet!

Lorraine and I have been working on some new ideas for the show. We will let you know what these are in the very near future. We just have to finalize them and with the time difference between the two of us, well, you realize the world isn’t as small as they say.

Remember to sign up – just select the Join Us area – we want to keep our listeners updated on what’s happening at KANDL!

Well that’s it for now, our wish is for a more stable 2009 and we look forward to hearing from you!


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