Podcast #110 – Roundtable Discussion

By · Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

In this two part episode, KANDL thought it would be valuable to bring together some of our previous guests to have a topical roundtable discussion about the opportunities presented by the current economic conditions and the importance of resourcefulness and resilience in making it through to the other side.

We’re delighted to have with us Marilyn Finnemore and Aldo Bello of Mind & Media, who were the stars of Podcast #105, and Les Smolin, founder of the Executive Leadership Forum, our guest on podcast #108.

Marilyn and Aldo have a hugely successful media strategy, communications and production company working primarily with government clients, and Les is a seasoned business executive and consultant as well as a facilitator, coach and mentor to groups of CEOs.

Today, our conversation is going to focus on those opportunities – e.g., to make organizations leaner and more agile, to enter new markets with new products/services, to work closer with customers to help solve their problems, to work with suppliers in ways that serve both parties, and to form strategic partnerships for mutual benefit.  In short, we’re going to be talking about how to be resourceful and resilient, about how to run businesses better and smarter.

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