Podcast #111 – What We’ve Learned So Far

By · Wednesday, July 1st, 2009

Hey KANDL Fans!

I know it has been a shockingly long time since we were in touch with you. Kent and I have both been on extensive travel, and our attention got diverted from KANDL for a wee while. We ask for your understanding.

Today we’re releasing Podcast #111 where you get to eavesdrop on Kent’s and my conversation about a number of the topics that have come up repeatedly in our conversations with our guests. We’ve been intrigued by what we’ve been learning and wanted to share our observations and thoughts with you.

The guest for our next podcast (#112) is Harry Rauner, CEO and President of The Business Bank in Northern Virginia, USA and Business Venture Capital Inc. We talk with Harry about “Understanding & Surviving the Current Economic Upheaval.” It was a great conversation filled with heaps of information and suggestions for actions you can take to keep your company vibrant and growing.

Given our respective schedules, and wanting to manage expectations, our podcast release frequency is moving to once a month (vs. twice a month) for the next few months. We have a number of podcasts “in the can” that are awaiting minor editing prior to posting on the site. As always, we’ll let you know when the next podcast gets released.

Thanks for listening!
Lorraine – the “L” in KANDL

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