Welcome to KANDL’s Podcast area! Here you’ll find links to all of the podcasts that have been released to date. The most current Podcast will be at the top of the page. Previous podcasts are then listed in reverse date order.

Our podcasts are upbeat and fun and feature real business people, talking about real business issues and real business solutions. Our eclectic line-up of guests includes, in part, business owners, business experts, IT specialists, artists, and founders of not-for-profit organizations. All of our guests have stories to tell about successes and failures and are able to share with you their words of wisdom and lessons learned. Whether you own a business, work as a leader within a business or want to start a business, you’re sure to find something of value in each of our podcasts.

If you’re new to our site, we suggest that you listen to podcasts #101 and #102. These were our first two podcasts wherein Kent and Lorraine, the “K” AND “L” of KANDL, interview each other. By listening to these, you’ll get to know us a bit better.

Thanks for listening!

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Intellectual Property Primer for Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Interview with Cliff Hyra – Owner Hyra IP, PLC

05 Oct 09



Understanding & Surviving the Current Economic Upheaval

Interview with Harry Rauner – President/CEO of the Business Bank of Northern Virginia

03 Aug 09



What  We’ve learned So Far

KANDL Reminisces About Our Guests and Emerging Themes

06 July 09



Resilience and Resourcefulness in Tough Economic Times (Part One & Two)

Roundtable Discussion – Marilyn Finnemore, Aldo Bello, and Les Smolin

06 Apr 09



Social Consciousness and Promoting Balance

Interview with Kimberly Wilson

16 Mar 09



Successful Business Growth

Interview with Les Smolin

02 Mar 09



Change Management

Interview with David Tennant

02 Feb 09



Creating a Not-for Profit

Interview with Fred Maiden – Stop the Flares

19 Jan 09


The Power of Passion, Clarity and Purpose

Interview with Mind & Media
Marilyn Finnemore & Aldo Bello

05 Jan 09


Managing Capital in Tough Economic Times

Interview with Yvonne McLaren of Valentine Addis

15 Dec 08


Family Enterprise

Interview with Marta Vago , Ph.D.

01 Dec 08


The “L” of KANDL

Interview with Lorraine Warshaw

17 Nov 08


The “K” of KANDL

Interview with Kent Barnett

03 Nov 08

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