Podcast #111 – What We’ve Learned So Far

Hey KANDL Fans! I know it has been a shockingly long time since we were in touch with you. Kent and I have both been on extensive travel, and our attention got diverted from KANDL for a wee while. We ask for your understanding. Today we’re releasing Podcast #111 where you get to eavesdrop on Kent’s and […]

Podcast #110 – Roundtable Discussion

In this two part episode, KANDL thought it would be valuable to bring together some of our previous guests to have a topical roundtable discussion about the opportunities presented by the current economic conditions and the importance of resourcefulness and resilience in making it through to the other side. We’re delighted to have with us […]

Happy New Year

Hello everyone! Lorraine and I want to wish you a very Happy and (hopefully) prosperous New Year. We’ve released podcast #105 on iTunes featuring the owners of Mind & Media – Marilyn Finnemore and Aldo Bello. Our topic is ‘The Power of Passion, Clarity, and Purpose’. I think it is one of our best discussions […]